A L V is a piece for solo cello inspired by stories from the deserted village of Dröstorp on Öland's Great Alvar. In this film cellist Per Nyström interprets the piece in a recording from Kulturhuset Zokker, Mörbylånga, Öland in mid September 2021.


The word alv, which probably lies behind the notion alvar, is the infertile soil under the topsoil, a symbol of the harsh conditions that prevailed for the inhabitants of Dröstorp.

Film: Oddbjörn Andersson

Sound: Magnus Bergman

Post production: Hans Gurstad-Nilsson


From the beginning, I had the intention to work with the silence in the deserted village. But during the process, the stories about the cattle thief Bohman came to the fore. The tale of him dancing the cattle to death to get meat is macabre, but at the same time grad an archaic, a stark image of the life struggle.



GAN is a work for chamber ensemble inspired by the life and work of the swedish avant-garde painter Gösta Adrian-Nilsson. Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (GAN) (1884-1965) from Lund was one of the pioneers in Swedish 20th century art. This is an excerpt from two workshops with dancers and musicians at Kalmar Theater and the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg 2018.


Choreography and dance: Ingrid Rosborg and Camille Marchadour

Musicians: Carl Marttala, oboe, Jonas Olsson, piano, Daniel Berg

and Fredrik Duvling, percussion.

Staging and lighting design: Bengt Gomér

Film: Kåre Persson

G A N  - Concert from Kalmar Castle

Cellist Zéphyrin Rey-Bellet and pianist Erik Wickström play two excerpts from G A N in a concert from Kalmar Castle 26 February 2021.

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From the festival Avantgarde 101, a celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Swedish Ballet. Episode: The development and inspiration of music - then and now.

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Carolina Johansson: Länsmusiken

Kristina Flygare, Byteatern - Kalmar County Theater

A co-production between Länsmusiken - Kalmar County Music Foundation, Camerata Nordica, Byteatern - Kalmar County Theater and Kalmar municipality.