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Ice Memory
The hidden music of the glacier

Camerata Nordica

Ice Memory is an international art and music project about the climatological memory of glacial ice. Together with artist and curator Eline Kersten (The Netherlands/Switzerland), glaciologist and artist Lindsey Nicholson (Austria) I´m exploring how historic climate data from ice drillings taken from the Greenland ice cap can be transformed into music and sonic landscapes.

In Ice Memory I´m working both with electronic soundscapes and with live string players from Camerata Nordica


Performances/exhibits are prepared in three countries: Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria.


Helge Ax:on Johnsons stiftelse

Mondriaan Fund

Greenland icecore_closeup_edited.jpg

Film premiere:
J.A.G.S. The Öland Pharaoh

Per Nyström and Vokalharmonin
Autumn 2023
J.A.G.S museum, Segerstad, Öland

A concert film from Segerstad's church 28 august 2022. Cellist Per Nyström and the choir Vokalharmonin under the direction of professor Fredrik Malmberg. Vokalharmonin consists of singers from two of Sweden's most renowned choirs: Radio Choir and Eric Ericson's Chamber Choir.


"In this requiem for solo cello and mixed choir, we celebrate the extraordinary life and work of the farmer and folk artist Johan August Gustafsson (J.A.G.S) from Segerstad Parish, Öland. It´s a piece about a man who, despite the ridicule of those around him, dreamed big and beyond the horizons of the village norms."


Statens MusikverkMörbylånga municipality, Cementa Sweden AB, Ölands Bank and Cke Lavér. 



Musik på Allvar in collaboration with J.A.G.S museum and Kalmar läns hembygdsförbund 


Kalmar County Museum

J.A.G.S. Den gode herden.jpg

Click on the image for program- booklet (SV)


J.A.G.S. The Öland Pharaoh

Per Nyström and Vokalharmonin

28 augusti kl. 18.00
Segerstads church
, Öland


Per Nyström, cello


3 september 6.00 PM

Vänersborg Chamber Music Festival

Vänersborg church

Arr: Kammarmusikens vänner


Kalmar castle february 26

G A N  Erik Wickström, piano
Zephyrin Rey-Bellet, cello

GAN is a chamber piece inspired by the imagery of Swedish painter and modernist pioneer Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (GAN). Eventually the piece will be the backbone of a dance performance about facing change. GAN (1884-1965) depicted the dawn of the modern industrial age. Influenced by the dynamic art scenes of Berlin and Paris in the 1910s and 20s he created a personal blend of the modernist styles, with erotic symbolism as a salient feature. His ruptured paintings of urbanity, new technology and athletic men capture a time full of hope and promises of freedom. Today their slightly disturbing dystopic gloom comes to the fore. The images resonate with our own troubled times of transition and uncertainty. On february 26 pianist Erik Wickström and cellist Zéphyrin Rey-Bellet, artistic director of the renowned string orchestra Camerata Nordica, meet in a filmed work in progress presentation of GAN with musical excerpts at Kalmar Castle (see Calendar below). Arranger: Länsmusiken, Camerata Nordica and Byteatern, Kalmar läns teater.


With support from:

Helge Ax:on Johnsons stiftelse

County Council of Kalmar County

Länsmusiken, Kalmar

Kalmar municipality

Filmregion Sydost


A L V is a solo piece for Swedish cellist Per Nyström. The piece is inspired by stories from the deserted village of Dröstorp on Öland's Great Alvar. Per is co-founder and artistic director of Old Ox Chamber Orchestra. He has a background in internationally acclaimed orchestras such as Camerata Nordica and the Yggdrasil Quartet, which he also co-founded. See calendar below.

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