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During his Paris years 1920-25, GAN, via the Swedish Ballet, came in direct contact with the European dance and music avant-garde of the time. He saw the revival of Igor Stravinsky's ground breaking ballet The Rite of Spring at Théâtre des Champs Elysées and witnessed the premiere of Eric Saties Parade with costumes and decor by Picasso. GAN was exited, and sketching on costume and set design for several ballet projects were to follow. Only one of them, Krelantems and Eldeling, scored by the Swedish composer Moses Pergament, would become reality. The work was premiered at the Royal Opera in Stockholm in 1928.


Ninety years later, we reconnect GAN with the contemporary dance scene. In this Pas de deux, choreographer Ingrid Rosborg and dancer Camille Marchadour interpret GAN's visual world against the backdrop of our own troubled times. GAN is a work about meeting the future.


In this project I have the privilege to collaborate with a hand picked ensemble. Together we are now working towards the premiere which is planned to 2021.

With support from Helge Ax:on Johnsons foundation, the County Council of Kalmar County, Kalmar municipality and Filmregion southeast.

Helge Ax: on Johnson's Foundation

Excerpts from preparatory workshops at Kalmar Theater and Artisten in Gothenburg 2018.


Choreography and dance: Ingrid Rosborg and Camille Marchadour.

Musicians: Carl Marttala, oboe, Jonas Olsson, piano, Daniel Berg

and Fredrik Duvling, percussion.

Staging and lighting design: Bengt Gomér

Film: Kåre Persson


Choreography and dance

Ingrid Rosborg  

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Camille Marchadour      _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     

GAN-workshop excerpts 2018GAN-ensemble

Scenography and dramaturgy

Bengt Gomér

Film and animation

Kåre Persson

Fredrik Andersson

Petter Feltenstedt (projections)


Ann Elkjär               Flute         

Carl Marttala          Oboe


Jonas Olsson          Piano, cembalo, celesta

Rhythm Art Duo      Percussion

Daniel Berg

Fredrik Duvling

My Hellgren            Cello

Adrian Eriksson     Double bass

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