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In 2019 I am composing a work based on the imagery of Swedish painter and modernist pioneer Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (GAN). GAN (1884-1965) is mostly known for his colorful depictions of the dawn of the modern industrial age. Influenced by the dynamic art scene in 1910s and 20s Berlin and Paris he created a personal blend of the modernist styles, with erotic symbolism as a salient feature. His ruptured paintings of urbanity, new technology and athletic men capture a time just as full of hope and promises of freedom as of dystopic gloom. The images resonate with our own troubled times and their visual rhythm and movement yearns for musical and scenic creation.


With support from Helge Ax:on Johnsons foundation, the County Council of Kalmar County, Kalmar municipality and Filmregion southeast.

Ljudexpedition Eketorp 17 juli 2019.mp3
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Thank you for all the exciting sounds and rhythms! Here you can listen to some of the sounds we found on our expedition. I have put them together for a small sound concert. Feel free to listen in headphones and you will hear extra well.


This is how it sounded in Eketorp's castle just this summer day, July 17, 2019. Wondering how it sounds in the castle in a thousand years?

Summer greetings from Hans

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